A Spring Day in the Scottish Capitol

A week ago I spent a day on my own, shopping, eating and wondering around Edinburgh. It is so nice to spend time on your own, exploring about in solitude, doing whatever your heart desires. Here are some photos from the day…

After doing a bit of shopping I decided to go to lunch for one at The Living Room, it was delicious! I’ll definitely be going back for dinner at some point.

I of course had to stop by my favorite little sweet shop Cuckoo’s Bakery. I had a strawberry cheesecake cupcake and cappuccino, my favorite.

After all that food I decided to go for a walk and wonder around the Stockbridge Market area of Edinburgh. It is quickly becoming my favorite part of the city. Spring is beginning to blossom and the sun decided to come out for a bit, so it turned into a perfectly lovely walk.

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Home for the Holidays

I am a terrible blogger, but I am very good at making excuses. Such as: I was home in California for over a month. I was busy with final papers. I barely had access to internet. The sunshine and 85 (29) degree weather impeded my ability to be a productive individual (most weather impedes me actually). I will stop the excuses there, though I could go on. In essence, I am lazy and when you have to write oodles for school it is often hard to find the energy to write for pleasure. HOWEVER, mark my words, I will be better this year. I have put it on my list of things to be better at in the new year (along with cooking, photography and whistling).

Proof of weather


                   Proof of real Mexican food                                                   

Proof of chocolate malted crunch….ALL distractions


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a to zed: What I miss in California/What I love in Scotland

           Home / Scotland

Browsing Anthropologie on my lunch / Autumn!

My Bike / Bagpipes

My Closet in SF filled with all my Clothes! / Hamish the Cat

My Dad, Deb (Mom) and Dog Sam / Discovering  Scotland!

Earning money & Elliot / Edinburgh

Old Friends, Family / New Friends who become Family

Going for drinks on Sunday Funday / Gaining new perspectives of the world

Hiking around the Bay area/ Highland Cows, magical creatures

In and Out / Interesting & Intelligent conversations

Julian apple pies / Jetting around Europe

My Kitchen filled with proper cooking tools / Men in Kilts.

The California Laid back Lifestyle /  Layering my clothes for winter

Mexican food, specifically breakfast burritos / Mornings, because I wake up whenever I want

Nob Hill, my favorite neighborhood in SF / NHS, FREE national heath care, what a novelty!

Point Reyes Oysters/ Old Houses, Old Churches, Old Cobblestone Streets

Parks -Dolores, Washington Square… / Pimms! My new favorite cocktail.

Drag Queens! / Her Majesty THE Queen!

Rachel & Sloan living in Berkeley-Oakland / The Rain (I’m not over it yet)

Happy Hour Sushi with my girlfriends / The East and West Sand beaches of St Andrews

Trader Joes / Top Shop, best jeans ever

Unbelievably good restaurants and bars / University life

Vienne, my kitty I miss so much! / Veuve Clicquot, it’s so much cheaper here

California Wine, it is the best / Whiskey, Scotch Whiskey and more Whiskey

My Xanax prescription ;)/ Ending texts with xx

Frozen Yogurt / Yule logs at Christmas

Zoning out while driving down the Cali coast / Hearing Britains say Zed instead of