Update on Life: I’m no longer unemployed, but I am still ‘homeless’.

Outside BBC headquarters

Well, that happened more quickly than I anticipated.

In rapid succesion I went from having an interview, to having a follow-up, to being offered a job. I thought I would be waiting on tables for months before finally having to take some mediocre position doing something I wasn’t remotely interested in. But rather, I now find myself going to work for an amazingly cool company, starting a career on the exact trajectory I’d always hoped for myself. When does that ever happen?

Starting Monday I’ll be working for a branding and marketing firm which also owns the magazine Monocle. I’ll be an editorial assistant on a project that will produce a quarterly lifestyle magazine for a client. For the most part I will be doing a lot of running around, organizing elements of the magazine and trying to keep up, but I will also have the opportunity to write a few articles on art, design or fashion. Which is exactly what I want to be doing in the long term (along with a few other things connected to the arts, but I’ll discuss that another time).

To digress slightly, I just want to say, as cliched as it may sound, if there is something you want in life, go for it. You see, since I studied abroad in London 7 years ago I knew I had to come back and live here for a period of time. I love it. More than, well a lot of things in life. There is a quote, those who tire of London, tire of life. In London, everywhere you turn there is a story to be told, an adventure to be had. I loved living in San Francisco, and I do miss the bohemian spirit and dear friends, but it was never London.

I also wanted something more satisfying than the career path I was on. So I chose to go back to school and study art, if for no other reason than I wanted to study art. Some people might think that is silly, and perhaps for some it is, but I couldn’t be more happy with myself for doing it. While studying art I realized  I was not an academic. I thought perhaps I might be, but alas I am not and sometimes ruling out what you don’t want is just as important as deciding on what you do want. However, I still love art and I especially love where art, culture, design and fashion come together and how new media is constantly changing how we encounter these mediums. And that is why I am so excited about the new position I am starting.

It’s going to be tough, I’m going to be ‘getting by’ financially for awhile; I still miss my  family and friends every single day and yet, despite the challenges, I am, as always, looking forward to rising to the occasion and proving to myself I am more determined than I see myself.

The perfect close to all this: when I studied abroad my sister and I lived in Marylebone. It was, and is, my favorite neighborhood in London. It will always remind me of my first great adventure abroad and the wonderful experience of getting to know oneself better. And you know where my new office is going to be? Marylebone.


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