Pretty Amsterdam

One of the things I was surprised by and completely taken with, was how incredibly stylish Amsterdam was. The people, the shops, even the bikes! Everyone was dressed in an effortless, non-pretentious sort of way. Not stuffy like New Yorkers, or snobby like Parisians, or unkept in a ‘I’m trying to look like I don’t give a fuck, but I clearly give a fuck’ San Francisco way. They seemed to enjoy fashion but not take it too seriously, as it should be.

No one rode around on brand new bikes, they all seemed to be lovingly used, slightly damaged and full of character. The sun was shinning and warm for the first time in who knows how many months and no doubt this added to the vibe of the Amsterdam, it was always the same in San Francisco; when sunshine pours onto the city everyone is in a good mood, outdoors, meeting with friends, soaking up the atmosphere.

This is by far one of the nicest things about living in places that see seasonal changes (sorry San Diego, I find fault with you here). There is an energy, a pulse to a city, when it’s been cold and gloomy for a prolonged period of time then suddenly feels the warmth of the sun. This bout of fine weather could also be the reason I was completely taken with the Amsterdam.

The shopping was also fantastic: antique stores, home-ware shops where rustic design mixed with a clean modern aesthetic, interesting boutiques selling locally designed jewelry and vintage clothing. I wish I had taken more photos of all the various shops, but one in particular was splendid. It’s called De Weldaad and it looked like a non-corporate Anthropologie, a bit more eclectic and affordable.

In another life I would like to be a street photographer and designer (among other things), until then I’ll simply be an amateur and enthusiast…

I want this entire outfit, bike included

His shoes, you can see a hint of them

Immaculately dressed man+baby=adore

Loved this little Jack Russell

Vintage Citron


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